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Re: Do you have experience with class action suits?

JJonasL wrote:

LPLIV wrote:

.. Sr. management would just laugh, worst case even if your fairy tale got some real attention, it would never make it into court....

Perhaps, but IMO arrogant laughing top management is a problem for a consumer company. Don't you agree that Nikon products would be better if senior management paid more attention to Quality Control and customer complaints?

Why is it a fairy tale? Are U claiming that the problem doesn't exist?

Hi JJ..  I am a thirty year vet of the electronics industry...  More than half of that was spent in field engineering support and contract mfg sales...  I can guarentee you that no product is perfect, no product is with out design flaws, and this is pretty much normal for every electronics industry product I have been involved with or purchased myself.  (PC's, main frame computers, agriculture machinery with electronic based control and function systems and then very high tech electronic gas sensing/regulating equipment) So in my experience after seeing many products come to market it is seriously naive to assume that there won't be problems with a new product.

1. Senior management knows this and plans for it and a ceo that doesn't won't have his job for long...

2. Unforseen things always happen in design, software and functions (Murphy's Law)

3. No assembler in manufacturing is perfect, no automated robotics assembly is perfect, no wave soldier machine gets every joint perfectly... Not every transistor, semiconductor, diode..etc..etc...

4. Products are ALWAYS released before everyone believes or they are functional proven that it is ready..   The deal is to get the sale, install, visibility etc. and then deal with clean up after the beta phase..  This is pretty much where the D600 is now, but not nearly as bad as you or a lot of the naysayers portray it...

If you are going to buy a dlsr you better get used to cleaning your camera and lenses especially if you want to have good pics.  Oil may or may not be a problem but is cleanable and not a major issue...

To answer your question, do I think that the law suit is a fairy tale...  The suit is definitely up there with Snow White or Bambi..  I mean you no disrespect, it doen't mean that the way products launch is right but it is life in the real world.  The D600 is an awsome camera... your attempts to judge it when you don't even own one is laughable and incredibly naive... sorry..  I think that I read somewhere that there are over 200,000 D600's in consumer's hands right now and it is just a few cameras behind where the D7000 was at this time in its release.


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