After getting the XE-1 & 18-55 which lens next?

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Re: After getting the XE-1 & 18-55 which lens next?


I'm about to buy an XE1 and zoom when they are available in Australia and have pondered the same question.  It obviously depends on your photographic interests.

I'll be looking at lenses outside the zoom range.  For me, I can't see the point of deliberately choosing a mirror-less system for its compactness and light weight, and then amassing a system that duplicates FLs.  I already have a DSLR and a key appeal of the Fuji system is more compact size.  I don't want more than three lenses and would like to cover from 21mm to about 120/135mm (equiv).

The 14mm would be the clear priority for my next lens.  It offers a very different perspective from any zoom FL setting. That's as along as the tests report favorably.....  I'll be looking hard for resolution, low distortion and control of flare.  If it doesn't deliver, an adapter and my Pentax  15mm/4 Limited might well do the trick. MF is OK for wide angle lenses.

At the long end, I'd have preferred the 60mm macro to be longer, perhaps 85mm, not so much for macro shots (which I do sometimes take) but to offer a better step up on the zoom range for general photography. F2.8 would be fine for me.  I won't be buying the 56mm/1.4 for the speed.  I rarely shoot at f1.4 anyway - I stop my portraits down a little.  Nor will I buy the 60mm - I've learned that very good macro results can be obtained with a zoom and a high grade two element close-up lenses like the Canon 250D ( a +4 which fits 58mm) or the Nikon T series.  If Fuji were to offer a slightly longer lens, say about 85 - 90mm/2.8  I might be in it.  Who knows - perhaps Fuji or one of the third parties will release a physically small short tele lens.  Or perhaps I'll try an adapter and my Pentax 70mm/2.4 Limited lens......but that would mean losing AF.

A number of posters have mentioned their desire for a fast longer lens like a 70-200/2.8.  I wouldn't be interested.  They'd just make the kit heavy and it again sorta defeat the advantages.  If Fuji are going to offer a longer zoom I'd say that they need to keep it a modest zoom range and aperture to best match the system and keep the IQ up and size down - perhaps a 55-135/f2.8-4.  That'd be an 85-200 equivalent.  No doubt I'll be howled down for that......

My $0.02c worth.

Cheers, Rod

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