A Walk Around My City in China

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Re: A Walk Around My City in China

Some. My workflow is (using Photoshoppe) turn down the exposure a tiny bit, further do that with levels, tweak the highlights, ever so slightly work on the colour balancing to get it closer to what my eyes saw and eliminate some noise, and perhaps increase or decrease saturation a little or apply a bit more sharpening. That said, this usually involves dragging the sliders no more than several points in any direction. I try to keep the look and feel of what I saw (natural).

After that I convert it to sepia tone (also using the sliders to adjust the "colours" just to see which version I like better or which gives the photo a more pleasing feeling. Some photos that were absolute sh!te turn into amazing B&Ws. I feel like working with the colours can really have a positive effect if one doesn't get carried away with it. Just tweaking them ever so slightly often gets rid of a most of the obvious noise and often results in an image that looks more like what I saw anyways.

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- Cheers, Maarten Sebastiaan Franks Spijker

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