Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

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Daniel Clune
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Wait a sec

kk123 wrote:

Nikons top pro camera - the only camera they have with really good AF and high fps - gives in crop mode 16:2,25 i.e. only 7,1MP in crop mode, when the really good sensor on D7000 gives 16,2MP - more than the double. But the D7000 doesn't have a magensium front plate (necessary with heavy lenses) and is not very reliable because of too low building quality.

D800? 4 fps also ridiculous.

D600 - also lacking magnesium front plate, and also give only 10,7MP in DX size.

We need a D4 with the sensor of the D800.

We need a fully magnesium bodied D400 with the sensor of D7000 or better, with AF-system from D4 and at least 8 fps.

Then we are talking!

Since you mention DX size several times above the DX crop on D800 is about 15 PLUS when in DX mode with grip you then get 6 FPS or in 1.2 crop on d800 get almost 6 fps I here its around 5.8 in 1.2 which is about 24 meg. So apparenlty you seem more concerned about DX crop mode. If you can fill the frame in FF mode then 16 meg is pretty good. So not sure what your complaining about.

Canon has slighty more at 18 meg on 1DX but 5D3 is way less in crop mode than either D600 or D800, not sure 5D3 even has a crop mode.

So if your complaing about FF mode not being 8 or more fps with 36 meg then thats just stupid as NO ONE has such a camera. The amount of data to be processed is beyound ability at this time.

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