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Re: Believe the BS if you want!

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This is the kind of CR@P you hear from Tony Abbott, doctor doom and gloom who is the leader of the conservative party and who is mirroring the Tea Party tactics: drive the country off the cliff, if this is what it takes to win power to benefit the big corporations and the super rich.

"The OECD’s report isn’t the first to note Australia’s high quality of life, however. According to the United Nations’ latest Human Development Index, which grades countries based on measures of education, health and income, Australia is the second-most developed country in the world, behind Norway."

"Take for instance the average household income. Australian households earn an average income of $US27,039 ($25,753), making it the third wealthiest of all twenty-nine countries surveyed. The OECD average was $US22,284 ($21,224)."

Obviously he couldn't even get the facts right. If $25753 is the average household annual income, it proves the point that a lot of Australians are struggling.

SMH's view maybe a bit skewed, but if they can quote ACOSS as the source, there should be some truth in it. There are two ways to find out, contact ACOSS or the reporter direct.

People struggling will always exist and there are many reasons for that, some none of their doing like when the company goes down and they get the sack but some are of their own doing. I know people who feel comfortable to live on the dole than to do anything else, I know single mothers who would make a baby every now and them to remain on and live off the benefit system. But I have to agree that rent or buying your home is becoming a nightmare. Nevertheless, when I drive around Perth, one out of every 3 or 4 cars, I can see a brand new like big 4 wheel drive or land cruiser and people complain about cost of petrol and cost of living? I was taking to a British engineer who came to visit us a few months ago and he told me: "You know a country is doing well, when see so many good and modern cars around.

You are talking about Western Australia which is doing well with the mining industry. What you are seeing is not the full picture. Same here, if you go to affluent suburbs such as Darling Point, Mosman, Dover Heights, you will see a lot of luxury cars.

I have a house, two cars, a family of four and no debts. I still can feel the pain, not to mention those who need to rent an apartment, have no car, and living on an average income. Perhaps everything else in Australia is good, but not the cost of living unless you are rich.

As I said, the biggest killer is rent, I have 2 sons working in Sydney and I know something about it, but  renting is getting hard across all the cities, it is munching a big chunk of your earnings and going into a mortgage is not better. I still can't understand how citizens on a continent which is not overpopulated are facing that kind of problem with housing. Well, the state governments across the board will have to do something, but even then am I being too optimistic with those right wing conservative in power in mostly all states? God knows.

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