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Re: RX1 images at imaging resource

tesilab wrote:

Can you post a link to the instructions for faking an A99 raw file? That will come in very handy when my RX1 arrives. Don't want to wait for a LR update, don't want to use Sony IDC, and don't want to shoot just jpegs.

Ok, here's what I hope is a simple recipe for altering your RX1 raw files.

NOTE - this changes the original files. No warranty implied! If concerned, heed the instructions following which allow for backup copies to be made.

You'll need: exiftool for Windows, Linux, or Macintosh. These instructions are for Windows as that's where I run Adobe ACR / PS / Lightroom despite being a Unix geek.

Download the appropriate exiftool executable for your OS here: http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/

(Remember, this is for Windows users - adapt for your OS)

A) At the command line:

exiftool.exe "-SonyModelId=SLT-A99V" -overwrite_original_in_place -P your_DSC_filename.ARW

... where:

-overwrite_original_in_place : exiftool WILL NOT make backup copies. Backups are highly recommended until you are sure this all works for you, so remove this parameter while testing.

-P : attempts to preserve certain file attributes, depending on OS

- or -

B) If you want a target to which you can drag and drop multiple files...

1) Make a copy of exiftool.exe

2) Rename the copy as follows:

exiftool(-k -SonyModelId=SLT-A99V -overwrite_original_in_place -P).exe

Same caution about backup files applies of course.

3) Drag and drop one or more files on top of the newly renamed file. This should work in current versions of Windows; old versions - you are on your own.

Note: there are multiple "Model" strings in the ARW files; I've found you only need to change the one - SonyModelId - in order to fool Lightroom into importing and working with the files.

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