Can someone help me?......24-105L F4 issues

Started Nov 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
Phil Hill Senior Member • Posts: 2,739
Re: Can someone help me?......24-105L F4 issues

Just thinking out loud here, but comparing your test results with somebody else’s results doesn’t really tell you whether there’s been a change in your particular lens.

However, if you crop an image down to match the area of your previous camera, and then resample to the same image size, you should be able to determine whether the lens isn’t working as well as it was before the service.  That’s the real question here, whether there’s been a change.  Just be sure to use similar photos and similar settings.

Should you determine that there really is a problem, those before-and-after images should be all the proof you need to insist that Canon make things right.

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