Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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Re: Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

anirbana wrote:

1. Max shutter speed of 1/4000. I know that with most photographers very few shots are taken above that speed. I know the limitation. My question is can it be overcome using ISO 50 and not ISO 100 in very bright sunlight? Does ISO 50 come with its own issues as it is not a real base ISO? I tend to think this as a simple solution, but the net is full of rant on the lack of a faster shutter speed on D600 when most cameras that are compared with have either 100 or 200 as base ISO . What are the other ways to overcome this limitation?

3. Aperture control in movie mode- I know there is no way to overcome this other than a firmware update (that too subjected to hardware design). Is there any hope on Firmware side?

1. In terms of freezing action (splashing/running water, flying insects/hummingbirds) there obviously is no workaround.

But you're right that using ISO-50 is a very effective workaround to compensate for not having 1/8000 (in terms of correct exposure when using a fast lens outside in the sun).  So far, I haven't found any real-world examples that prove ISO-50 displays significantly less dynamic range than base-ISO, tho' I've seen measurements that do support this argument.

3. As confirmed in a thread I opened a few hours ago, see clamchowder's post:

chlamchowder wrote:

You can change the aperture during video using any lens (including AF Nikkors) that has an aperture ring. Make sure you have the custom function set (f5, customize command dials) to "Aperture ring" instead of "Sub-command dial".

If you're using a G lens (no aperture ring at all), you can't change the aperture during video recording. There's a rumored firmware update that could fix that, but it's just a rumor right now.

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