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Re: Is that your "rebutal?"

Chato wrote:

Princess Leia wrote:

This ceasefire is BS, we know Hamas wants a ceasefire to continue their weapons build up. You haven't reply to my comment that Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2003 to achieve peace but they got rockets in return!

I am well aware that Israel is the under dog in this dispute. The only way they will survive the Goliath of HAMAS is through devine intervention, and perhaps the massacre of thousands of civilians in GAZA.

I assume from your post, that during these ceasefires Israel actually disarms itself?

Is there anything in these ceasefire agreements which call for HAMAS to disarm? I ask that because the tone of your posts is to say that HAMAS swears to get rid of its weapons?

Can you quote that part of the agreements?


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How can Israel disarm itself when they surrounded by unfriendly arab nations? Israel agreed to withdraw from Gaza to achieve peace but group like Hamas used Gaza as a warehouse of weapons for one purpose - destruction of Israel.

Israel will not touch Gaza as long as they recognize and leave Israel in peace.

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