How bad is the Nikon J1 AF?..............

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Re: How bad is the Nikon J1 AF?..............

bibi0012 wrote:

From dpreview:

. . .

The J1 and V1's contrast-detection AF systems, which take over when light levels are too low for effective phase-detection AF (and remember that this is the camera's decision, not the photographer's) are less impressive. Focussing is less positive (AF wobbles quicklyaroundthe target rather than locking straight on it) but impressively accurate when it gets a 'lock'. The problem is that even in average interior room light, both cameras struggle to find that lock. They rarely give up completely (and built-in AF illuminators are on hand in both cameras) but we've been surprised by how frequently they falter."

They may falter in the hands of photographers that know little about photography and let the AF target fall on a broad, low contrast subject. But it's usually not hard at all to find a much better target that's very close to the subject (use focus & recompose), and then AF works pretty swiftly in light that's dimmer than DPR's "average interior room light", and there's no struggling to get a quick lock.

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