How bad is the Nikon J1 AF?..............

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Re: How bad is the Nikon J1 AF?..............

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Veducci wrote:

According to the review here , the AF is frustratingly slow in social use . I`m assuming they mean in an eatery at night or at an evening birthday party inside . Please tell me they were incorrect about that. I found it hard to believe since this would render this otherwise excellent camera at a great disadvantage.

The AF speed of the Nikon 1 cameras under low light is lens dependent. Using the 10mm f2.8 you will get very fast and accurate PDAF focusing in anything but very dim light. This is what the DPR review says about it in their review of the J1.

"With the 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens (currently the fastest lens available for the 1 System) phase-detection AF is available in lower light - down to approximately 3EV by our measurements (equivalent to dull interior artificial lighting)."- DPReview

Focusing time will be noticeably longer, (but similar to other cameras that rely on CDAF), when using the 10-30 f3.5-5.6 lens under low light.

- Jon

Thanks for this info. I`ll be looking at the 10mm, f/2.8 pancake.

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