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Re: Micro 4/3 MD lens adapters

sglove wrote:


I have a GH2 and some old Minolta Rokkor MD lenses (and some different brands that are compatible). Any recommendations on lens adapters? I don't have a huge budget- would like to spend under $50. Also- will these lenses with adapters be effective for video- any draw backs (besides lack of auto- focus)?

Thank you- and if I've missed a thread covering the same ground- my apologies and please forward me the link. I looked but couldnt find one.


Tried Fotodiox...no infinity focus on the one I had (use it now with macro tubes where it doesn't matter) Then tried Rainbow imaging MD to M43...works like a charm at infinity. Fotodiox may have corrected the problem by now, or got a new batch in. The Rokkors are excellent in my opinion, I had some...but now have more

Nice thing is that the Minoltas go on/off easily on the adapters...most requiring a simple button press just like the native M43 lenses. They should work fine with video, once you get used to manual focus. With fast lenses and short DOF at wide apertures, takes some practice. I've gotten pretty good at stills with them, but still am practicing for video. Makes a person envy the ability of some of the old film movie camera men.

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