When will Nikon upgrade the D4's sensor ?

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Re: I don't see an 'x' ahead for this generation.

jfriend00 wrote:

rgolub wrote:

You're doing it wrong....

If you're going to spend 3K on a body and bog knows how much on lenses, etc., having a computer that chokes on a 36 MP image just says you're not looking at everything as a system.

Hell, even my two year old Mac Book Pro can handle panoramas of 16 bit D800 Raw images without too much problem. Last night, I was stacking 15 D800 images in layers to make a small video clip. Not as fast as a Mac Pro, but still plenty responsive. Still photography has nothing on video or 3D graphics for horsepower needs. We're in the 21st century - no need to sweat the little stuff.

As to whether or not any of us need a 50 MP body - that's another question, but the computing power to deal with the images has been there for quite some time.

This is just not quite true.

I'd like to see you sit down with 1500 16-bit RAW 36MP images from a 3-day soccer tournament and I'll sit down with 1500 16-bit RAW 16MP images. We'll both have the same $1000 computer and then let's see who is more efficient at downloading them to the computer, backing them up, sorting through all the images, ranking them all, selecting the keepers, tagging the keepers with player's names, tweaking as needed (crop, exposure, etc...), generating JPEGs and uploading all keepers to a photo service to allow for web viewing and print ordering.

I'd be happy to race you. There is a difference in processing 16MP imges vs. 36MP images, even if you have fairly new computer equipment. Just doing the download and backup pieces of the workflow will take more than 2x as long with 36MP images.

This is just not quite true, unless you're using something slow, like Adobe's software. Use Photo Mechanic and those chores are done in a small fraction of the time, where your own typing speed probably makes the biggest difference. And PM can do simultaneous backing up and archiving to different drives simultaneously. I use a USB3 drive for the main backup and a fast eSATA drive for the archive drive, so both write at their full operating speed.

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