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Re: by by "shutter shock" on G5

grumpyolderman wrote:

well yes, I saw it repeatedly, and only posted once I was sure: every single mechanical shutter shot is beter than every single electronic shutter shot.

It is also not the first night, just the first time I tried, I did it handheld (at higher shutter speed) before. Handheld (at 1380mm equivalent....) the moon was sharper with the electronic shutter, but it also was egg-shaped.....the image stabilisation from the lens and my hand movement came together... with these shots, electronic shutter is a real plus.

Come to think of it, I also like to shoot the sun (if we ever see it in the UK) for sunspots, at around 1/600 of a second. Will have to see if the silent shutter makes any difference at that speed. I would have thought not, but the light build of the m43 is against us with the repeated shutter movements before the exposure even starts, I might be able to squeze yet more details out of the 100-300


What shutter speed were you using when you tried it handheld?

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