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Re: Is that your "rebutal?"

Chato wrote:


Chato wrote:

itchhh wrote:

Phyllis Bennis is the author of this piece. Can you please just provide the link to the story and your opinion istead of passing the whole think off as though you had some great epiphany?

You're such a bullsh*t artist.

So you rebut this article by saying, "Bad Dave, bad Dave...

Meanwhile, you'll defend this barbaric use of raw military power against 1.7 million people trapped in an area the same size as NYC. Try to imagine Jet planes and Drone missles, artillary and tank fire in Brooklyn New York, just so that Netnayahu can get reelected....

Dave, has your back boiler just fired up?

Stop the silly anti-Netanyahu rhetoric.

Look, I don't care IF you like him, or not....but Israel's current response to Hamas...has absolutely nothing to do with his re-election in January.

The citizens of southern Israel have endured rocket attacks for the last decade. More than 10,000 rockets have been fired at them over this period.

Enough is enough...pure and simple,

NO nation can put up with missiles being constantly fired upon it's civilian population.

YOU know stop with the silly nonsense - will ya.


Having assassinated the man responsible for the last cease fire, and doing so by violating the cease fire brokered by Morci. Having started this entire mess by sending armoured vehicles INTO Gaza, and then responding to Hamas shooting an invader with Jet plane attacks on civilian neighborhoods, WTF are you talking about?

If HAMAS didn't exist, Israel would have to invent them.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

This ceasefire is BS, we know Hamas wants a ceasefire to continue their weapons build up. You haven't reply to my comment that Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2003 to achieve peace but they got rockets in return!

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