How bad is the Nikon J1 AF?..............

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Not bad at all.

Jorginho wrote:

It slows down considerably. At least in the showroom where I tried it (and it had more light than on a nice evening in a house). Takes about a second. |Compared to a P&S it is okey. COmpared to a Panny GF3 or Oly EPL3 it is very sluggish...

The OP did NOT ask for a comparison with the GF3 or an EPL3 which he may not be able to use as a basis for a useful comparison. What he DID ask for is how well it AFs compared with the LX5, and I found that the V1 (should be the same as the J1) in fairly dim indoor light consistently focused more quickly than the LX5, and neither took nearly as long as a second to focus. The light was such that good exposures were achieved with the LX5 at f/4, 1/13th sec. and ISO 1250. Either the GF3 and EPL3 are much, much faster focusing cameras, or the showroom camera that you tried isn't representative of the J1 in normal operating condition. I tried both cameras in much dimmer light and both cameras continued to AF at about the same speed. This is probably much dimmer than the light at any birthday parties unless most of the lights are turned off.

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