Canon 5D Upgrade

Started Nov 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
SLLDPR Forum Member • Posts: 63
Re: Canon 5D Upgrade

My 5D with its EF 24-105mm zoom seems so big and heavy and will soon be joined by a 6D. The image quality of the 5D for me is fine, but I want a better LCD and faster focusing, especially in low light, as well as tethering. I already have the ST-M 40mm lens. The 6D and ST-M 40 will give me a high-quality, acceptably small and lightweight combination for carrying around. The 6D will allow me to use my TS-E 24mm for indoor architectural work more easily. I'll likely replace the 24-105 with the new 24-70 F4 IS. Smaller and lighter is better.

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