Can someone help me?......24-105L F4 issues

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Phil Hill Senior Member • Posts: 2,739
Re: Can someone help me?......24-105L F4 issues

BRUCEK56 wrote:

In reference to field curvature remember I am getting sharp pictures corner to corner, same set up, with the 70-200 2.8 IS II at 2.8........why would that be?

Some lenses focus on a flat field and some don’t, so I don’t think you can compare across different lenses.  The 24-105 is also not in the same league as either of the 70-200 lenses you cited, I’m sure you know.  Both are considered to be stellar performars while any lens that spans wide to tele will have compromises in the design and performance, such as possible field curvature.

But I was just providing a possible explanation.  I’d never test a lens that way unless I was certain it was a flat-field lens.  What happens when you photograph normal subjects?

If you still see excessive softness at the edges and corners then perhaps your lens has a problem.  However, if the only issues are with flat subjects then you may simply be seeing ordinary field curvature.

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