How can liberals label Foxnews racist

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Re: How can liberals label Foxnews racist

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when they had TWO BLACK presidents for their blockbuster TV show "24"??

David Palmer

Wayne Palmer

We just finished watching season 5 in Netflix

They just know what future presidents will look like with the changing demographics giving more political clout to non-whites.

And if the Republicans don't come to grips with reality and continue to denigrate minorities, implying that all they want are free gifts, they are doomed to extinction. Goodbye and good riddance, if so.

I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans who voted against the President did so based on the color of his skin. That's ridiculous!

Now who said that? Not I. But I think some did. Obama got the black votes because any community, minority or not, will vote for the candidate who better understand and care for their situations. Don't you agree?

Also don't you agree Romney has no clue about what the black and Hispanic community wants. He is still thinking they just want free stuff. How stupid can a grown man be?

Many Americans don't support him because of his association with the likes of Bill Ayers and his own admission that he gravitated towards and admired his Communist/Marxist professors.

But enough did regardless of what right wing lies are told about him. Or did you just wake up?

President Obama and his wife want to see a different America than many Americans want to see.

But those folks are in the minority. Or did you just wake up?

However, the far left wingers and the young impressionable voters spoke loudly during the past election and we are now well on our way to the promised change.

Nothing lasts forever.

You should know, white man.

If you're serious about your last comment, I feel sorry for you. There's nothing "white" about anything I said and if you've read the President's books you'd agree that my words are his words.

I'm not saying the President is right or wrong; all I'm saying is that many Americans voted against him  because of the reasons I stated above.

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