Food photography with the OM-D and m. Zuiko 60mm lens

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Food photography with the OM-D and m. Zuiko 60mm lens

I have a favorite food market in Napa California that is a great test location for trying out different lenses, etc.

It is a challenge for both camera and lens, as the lighting is very mixed; lots of florescence, halogen,

tungston... many of the really yummy items are behind glass cases.

So, when I bought the 60mm lens, and was asked here if I bought it for macro; I said no, no really,

and they thought I was silly to buy a macro lens and not want it primarily for macro... I thought it

would be a good food lens and it certainly is....

These shots are simply walk-around shots; quick, hand held, no flash, all shot in program mode


The deficiencies are the photographer's and not the lens...



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