Anyone found a tablet that can review AVCHD video smoothly? (other than IPads)

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Re: Anyone found a tablet that can review AVCHD video smoothly? (other than IPads)

sensibill wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

sensibill wrote:

That freedom also leads to instability.

I was a big advocate of Android before I actually started using it daily. If you keep the device basically stock then it performs fine, but the moment you root, add apps, media and try to do anything substantive, the system falls apart. Apps don't play nice with each other, there's no strict standards for simple things like fields and keyboard triggers.

What it results in is an infuriating mashup of various UI functions and highly variable performance that degrades as soon as you begin adding or using functions and apps, sadly.

Maybe for you, my rooted phone has well over a 100 apps of which most are used frequently and no stability issues whatsoever.

I should add that stability in terms of crashing is not my primary complaint, but how apps integrate, operate within the system, handling of files and input, overall performance and variance of UI function from one to the next.

In short, the UX can be laggy and highly variable depending on your needs and usage — depending on the phone or tablet your mileage may vary. Also, the multitude of hardware manufacturers means different video hardware, displays, hard button layout, resolution formats and processors.

Again, sounds like a possible problem on paper which hasn't affected me in practise.

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