Which 24-70?

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Re: Which 24-70?

Kokeen4231 wrote:

I already have telephotos to go with me. At times when the animals are too close, I tend to wish I had a middle focal lens. Somewhere this or next month I would be trying to take reptiles like monitor lizards and crocodiles. Hoping to do some close ups of these slow creatures. Maybe not so much the crocodiles.

First of all, the 24-70 L II is indeed a great lens.  It's also very expensive at $2,300.  And, IMHO, it's also a very poor choice for wildlife.

You may be an ace stalker, but in order to shoot a 7-foot monitor lizard at 70mm and fill the frame, you'd have to be around 20 feet away from it (maybe 30 feet if you're using a crop sensor camera).  Way too close IMO--for both you and the lizard--unless of course it's in a zoo.

I see in your gear list that you've got a EF-S 55-250, but no Canon mount camera is listed--only Fujis.  The EF-S lens suggests that you've got (or are planning to get) a crop sensor Canon.  If so, and you're really determined to get a general purpose zoom, I'd recommend you also consider the EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 and EF-S 15-85 f/3.5-5.6.  Both are optically excellent, and far less expensive than the 24-70 L II.

FWIW, I'd really recommend you reconsider what you're doing.  If you're serious about wildlife, I'd recommend investing in a high-quality tele zoom (one of the 70-200L's, 70-300L or 100-400L) rather than a 24-70 L II.

Just my 2 cents.

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