Who needs Photoshop & RAW when you've got an X Pro 1!

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Re: Who needs Photoshop & RAW when you've got an X Pro 1!

It's no surprise that the X Pro-1 produces sharper and more detailed prints than either the D300 or 5D (I am assuming the mk1) seeing it has 3-4 more megapixels than those cameras and no low-pass filter either.  When Fuji announced the X Pro-1 they claimed it at least matched the 5D MkII in  terms of resolution despite giving away 5 mpix.

Also, the jpeg engine in camera out-performs every raw converter available - even the one Fuji provides in the box (Silkypix if I'm not mistaken - which is horrible to use).  Fuji took years to develop the X-Trans sensor and the software necessary to exploit it fully - now all the other companies are playing catch-up and have yet to do so.

The new X lenses are also some of the best examples of their respective focal lengths too.

As for shooting in raw (will people please stop using caps for that word it's completely unnecessary - there's no need to SHOUT) that really is horses for courses nowadays.  My job entails producing about 15,000 photo prints a week from 10 photographers - I'll take 3-4mb (well exposed!) jpegs over 10-12mb raw files any time thank you very much!  I have neither the time to process them or hard drive space to store them.

As for my own photos - since getting the X100 I have never felt the need to use raw files from it - the jpegs are that good! (I do shoot raw+jpeg occasionally - for insurance only)

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