When will Nikon upgrade the D4's sensor ?

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Re: When will Nikon upgrade the D4's sensor ?

coudet wrote:
I'm saying Nikon should know better. They should know by now, what works and what doesn't.

With D2h, they listened and they paid a heavy price. With D3, they ignored ("DX is good enough") and the camera was a huge success. So, why D3 worked? Few of the reasons might be - it was full frame, as opposed to Canon's crop camera. Canon had 45pt AF, Nikon 51pt AF. Canon had 10mp, Nikon 12. In short, Nikon didn't settle for "good enough".

So, what next? They could make another 16mp camera. It's "good enough" for the intended PJ market. Only, you aren't gonna attract anyone else. Studio shooter buys the high resolution camera instead. Landscape shooter buys the high resolution camera instead. Architecture shooter buys the high resolution camera instead. Portrait shooter buys the high resolution camera instead. It will appeal to PJ/sports shooters exclusively, and even they are gonna ask themselves do they need another 16mp camera. After all, how many times can Nikon sell them a 12-16mp camera?

Make it something more than a low resolution sports camera, and it will appeal to larger group of people.

Keep in mind that Nikon may have not been able to go 10fps with 24MP-36MP and low noise when they were developing the D4.  That could be another reason it's at 16MP.

Personally, I think resolutions are getting to the point when they go north of 24MP that they will sometimes get in the way.  For example, do you think that someday all of Nikon's FX offerings should be 50MP or more because the technology allows?  I don't.  I think there's a limit to how much resolution benefits most photographers and more resolution isn't infinitely free - it has a cost in workflow/storage/etc...

That means Nikon should have a segmented product line with specialty high-res cameras for those that can take advantage of that and mainstream cameras that aren't pushing the envelope and are more in the sweet spot of what everyone benefits from.  For example, I could see a D4x at 54MP some day, but I don't think most of the people who might buy the D5 would really want 54MP.

FYI, sooner or later the public is going to wise up and realize that they have all the resolution they need so even when Nikon comes out with a higher res camera, most won't rush out to buy it because of the higher res.  Without a new sensor technology, they may also hit the limits of what they can do at high ISO (they aren't that far away now from the theoretical limits for Bayer sensors).  IMO, Nikon/Canon may need to find some new tricks (not just more resolution and better high ISO) for the future camera generations if they want people to keep trading up.

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