A Walk Around My City in China

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A Walk Around My City in China

The weather was perfect yesterday, so a friend of mine and I decided to do some photography

closer to home for a change. It has been on my to-do list for years, but I try to spend as much

time as possible in the mountains during the warmer months and hang around the city or go by

bus when it becomes too cold to drive a motorcycle for long distances. Enjoy.

The rubbish collectors making their rounds.

The modern and the ancient often clash in contemporary China..

I wasn't sure which version I prefered..

So you decide!

Part of a cool ceramic mural..

These very ancient stone tablets were probably transported to this school from another site and encased in cement.

One of the tablets is written in Mongolian script.

I decided to leave the power lines in as this is reality - and I was lazy at 23:00.

Probably the most creative scene we shot yesterday..

Large portions of the city are lit up at night and a romantic walk along the Liangjiang Sihu (两江四湖 - two rivers and four lakes) is one of the highlights of any visit.

I hope that these were pleasing to look at. Despite four months of absolute sh!te weather in the winter, Guilin is certainly a world class destination. More coming at some point. There are quite a lot of photoghraphic opportunities around..

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- Cheers, Maarten Sebastiaan Franks Spijker

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