500mm Mirror f6.3 or a 500 f8 fixed telephoto lens

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Re: 500mm Mirror f6.3 or a 500 f8 fixed telephoto lens

digit wrote:

OK, not my lens. My nieghor is getting into photography. He's only 14 so he's starting with a T3i and the kit 18 -55mm lens.

He is asking me to look at a vivitar 500mm f6.3 mirror lens and the 500mm f8 telephoto lens



I don't have any expertise with either of these lens. I know they are a far cry form quality but for a kid learning photography and since they are manual, a good way for him to learn the essentuals.

If he were to get one, which one would you perfer if anyone has experience with these.

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For a kid learning photography, I'd suggest the mirror lens. That "T-mount" lens is going to require stop-down metering (i.e., metering with the lens stopped down to the actual shooting aperture (read: DARK) as opposed to wide open with electronic or mechanical coupling "correcting" the metering to account for the aperture selected that will be used at the moment of exposure). That convoluted procedure is probably going to frustrate the poor kid. In addition, since that lens is long and undoubtedly extremely front heavy (that big front element being most of the weight), it will be a bear to handle and will probably need support gear that costs more than the lens itself in order to have any chance at decent results.

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