Fuji X10 and EF-20 flash?

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mark H
Mark H Veteran Member • Posts: 3,590

Billx08 wrote:

If you saw yourself as others see you, well, wouldn't that be a treat.

´╗┐You really think you see things"as others see" - well let's take a look at what 'others' can actually see...

1) 'Billx08' posts a bunch of garbled and misleading information (as he so often does, sooo many times before).

2) 'MarkH' corrects the misinformation that 'Billx08' posted.

3) 'Billx08' tries but fails to counter, contradicts himself, hypocritically says that the OP didn't ask anyway, then resorts to his regular claim in such circumstances of 'agendas'.

4) 'MarkH' points out all of 'Billx08's contradictions and hypocrisy.

5) 'Billx08' abandons any discussion of photography (probably best considering), and turns instead to personal insult.

...it's actually all very plain, and easy, for 'others'  to see.

If you can't see it, then you're quite deluded.

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