Best workflow for using iPad without laptop for photos?

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Mark B. wrote:

The iPad can't as far as I know fully communicate with an external hard drive. There is a product from Sanho called a HyperDrive for iPad ( ), but it seems to be only one way - you import files to the iPad, but not back again. This is no different than connecting an external card with the connection kit - import only, but no export. I have no experience with this.

There's an app called Photosync that will sync photos to & from the iPad to a desktop/laptop through wi-fi:

I would also recommend Photo-Sort, it is the best app I have come across. I am using it with my iPhone 5. You connect to your desktop via WiFi and you use "ftp" to transfer your photos.

You can create folders and subfolders on your phone through your PC and to transfer your photos you just have to drag them or copy and paste to the folders created. And you can delete any folders or photos on your phone just by a click on your PC. I find it easy and quick to organise my photos on my iPhone 5 without having to go through stupid iTunes.

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