Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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Finally, we might just be able to agree...

lancespring wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

It's not a frequent situation by any means for most people. I'll take my own situation as example: my only 2 primes are the 50 f1.8 (stolen but I intend to replace it) and 150 f2.8 (for macros). So it would affect only pictures taken with the 50 f1.8 which I don't use often and then not in sunlight (more for museums and locations with little light). So the 1/8000 capability of the D800 would not enter in consideration if I were buying n FFa camera today and hesitating between D600 and D800.

Thank goodness more people are bringing sanity into this discussion, and pointing out the truth of just how important and practical this issue is.

Allow me to continue the trend, then.

Take bright midday and add snow. Take one f/1.2 standard lens, one f/1.4 wideangle and, finally, one f/2.0 telephoto. That's my setup and a typical shooting situation. I bought those lenses (all manual focus) partly in order to utilise the wide open apertures. I'm buying either the D600 or D800 to achieve the same freedom of DOF control and familiar focal lengths that I've enjoyed with my film camera (Nikon F3).

The polariser (high-quality B+W "slim-fit" model) can only do so much to bring down the shutter speeds, can make sky too blue and trees too green, and often massively complicates the shooting by creating veiling glare. Thus, I've had multiple times that I've had to use one or two stops slower aperture so as to avoid blown whites. Have I gotten the shots that I wanted? Yes, but not at the apertures I wanted.

Simply put, D800 (as opposed to D600) would give me one stop more freedom in these situations. And no, I've never even shot hummingbirds, but we've got plenty of other fast birds with which the 1/8000 could come in handy.

PS: I apologise for the row we've gotten into. I don't feel good about it and hope we can come to a some sort of agreement. I'm not one to crave for "the latest and greatest" and I don't think I would ever defend such behaviour. You've gotten the wrong impression, unfortunately.

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