Opinion: Best form of SR for telephoto shooting.

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Re: Opinion: Best form of SR for telephoto shooting.

BobORama wrote:

PK24X36NOW wrote:

Especially if you're shooting high shutter speeds, since shutter speed over 1/500th = results worse with anti-shake gadgets ON as opposed to OFF (some even argue it's more like shutter speed over 1/250th). For me, that makes anti-shake gadgets just about completely useless, and definitely not worth paying one dime extra for.

I would love to see your shots to back this up this theory. I don't carry around a tropod every where I go and would have lost a lot of shots if followed your rules. Having SR on while using a high shutter speed or using a tripod may be redundant, its not wrong.

Let me regurgitate some old counter examples: All with SR, handheld, 300mm...

Note the white specks: snow, shows no shake at all....

You talking to me?

Its OOF slightly, but no shake.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - More blur that I'd like, but still good.

And then there are a lot more shots where I used a tripod, and the SR still helps there too. I've never had an instance, even with macro work, where turning the sr off helped improve matters.

The ONLY time I turn it off is when doing time lapse, as the shot to shot starting position of the sensor is not guaranteed and will cause jitter in the final video.

The only shot you posted with a shutter speed faster than 1/250 sec is the one that's blurred. Seems to support at the very least that it provides no benefit, as indicated in the Falk Lumo writeup here:


Lens based is also not useful for high shutter speeds, per ByThom writeup here:


I therefore find it to be of zero value, since I normally use high shutter speeds to freeze motion and therefore will never get any benefit from anti-shake gadgetry. YMMV.

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