Leica M - New Lens on the way?

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Re: Leica M - New Lens on the way?

jng204 wrote:

So I've got my M on order and learning what I can about the Leica culture and had a few questions before I make additional lens/accessory purchases.
Now that the new M Typ 240 is being released in 2013, do you think that Leica will:

1. Make a true 1:1 macro lens? I feel the point of having an M system is for it's size. Some have suggested to use an R lens and adapter but that defeats the purpose for me.

2. Will there be new versions of an f/2 or faster 90mm, 135mm and possibility beyond since blocking the OVF won't be as much of an issue with those that use the EVF or LV within the next 2 to 3 years? The 90mm f/2 and the 135mm f/3.4 were both released in 1998.

3. The SF 58 flash - Is this flash near it's end of life or is it a pretty safe bet it will still be the current model in the next 2 years.

4. Who are the 3 best Leica dealers in the USA to purchase from? I have bought all my previous equipment through BH and never had issues. With Leica products, it seems that BH gets backlogged due to limited products received and the fact that many purchase through them.
5. If you were going to purchase some Leica lenses, what sites would you trust? For me it's eBay and I just found out about the "For sale and wanted" forum here. Any others?

Thank you for your time,


Popflash, my source for Leicas, new or used, great price and service.

(Others, to name a few: Dalephotodigital, Kurlandphoto, Samys.  Keh, for used, last resort.)


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