A couple of questions before I buy an OM-D.

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Re: A couple of questions before I buy an OM-D.

John Bean (UK) wrote:

aVolanche wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

Yes, MySets is what gives. It is possible to assign one of the buttons to go directly to MySets so switching between them doesn't make it necessary to visit the Menu system. It's still not a very good implementation though.


So the assigned button takes you to "mysets" in the menu....same as if you went through the menu itself?

Sadly not. You have to hold the button pressed to keep the Myset you assigned to it effective; it verges on being unusable.

Yes, that's how it is. In my mind it was a sticky button but checking it now I remember. It works the way John says and we are a long way from the desired control wheel. I'm sorry.


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