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US military spending: 41% of global military spending.

US population: 4.5% of global population.

Now, I'm in favor of a strong military given the number of total whack jobs out there that want to destroy everyone that isn't them (the Islamist militants and North Korea among them), but this is probably excessive. To reduce it, we need to let other people provide for their own primary defense and we need to have fewer of our own wars going on. Obama has started that by pulling us out of Iraq. Over the long term, we need to be selling weapons to our friends rather that deploying our own in their defense, always with the back-up threat that if you attack our friends, we're going to come down on you.

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absolutely! Why do we keep troops in Europe? What do they cost to house, supply and rotate? Navy all over the world? Why?

Hey, no self-respecting empire would be seen with gaps in its global military reach.

that's what China thinks and why they want to buy a base we're closing in the Azores.

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