"First ever" right-wing conspiracy theory created by the left-wing

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Re: "First ever" right-wing conspiracy theory created by the left-wing

vadimraskin wrote:

I posted it last night but it failed to attract attention so I don't want to waste my labors and I am reposting it as a new thread (see, a complete disclosure)...

Let's see. Why would we leave conspiracy theories to the right wing? Let's create a "left wing" one as well. This theory is product of my imagination and has no real basis (at least I hope so).

There might be a group of Republican-oriented highly placed CIA officials that was tasked by GOP with creation of the event that would overshadow successes of Obama's international policy and insure that GOP candidate would have something to bash Obama with other than economy.

Step 1. They hired this video maker to create a video degrading Mohammed in a worst possible way. They chose time wisely.

Step 2. This video was made public around September 11 to generate a huge waive of protests around Arab countries.

Step 3. American Ambassador was "lured" out of highly protected and secured compound in Tripoli to this shady Consulate, which everyone knew was not adequately protected. Someone let terrorists know that Stevens would be visiting Bengazi for a short time and they were ready to "harass him" but things went over the board and he was killed along with three other Americans. (no jokes here)

Now this highly placed group of CIA commanders knew that events were going astray and they started spinning wheels trying to a) protect themselves and b) achieve their original objective of destructing Obama in the upcoming elections. Now they leaked compromising material on the Director of CIA because he might have guessed who these guys were and needed to be removed. They leaked e-mails to another highly placed group of GOP supporters within FBI who took it up all the way. I am not sure if they had any support from the GOP supporters on Mars but I wouldn't put it pass them. You see, Mars was strategically aligned with Pluto to create a maximum effect on feeble-minded GOP sheep all over US to firmly entrench stupid "Obama Lied, People Died" slogan into their heads.

Whew, how is THAT for a conspiracy theory? Not too bad, ah?

It sucks. Why would they kill four men just to replace a man who is a political appointee?

A man who serves at the will of the President.

For the hard of thinking: That means General Patreus can be fired at any time for any or no reason.

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