Thoughts on shooting sports with the OMD+40-150/100-300mm

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Re: Thoughts on shooting sports with the OMD+40-150/100-300mm

Charles Fischer wrote:

I received my E-PL5 today and wanted to try shooting some indoor sports. I shot the following photos of tonight's IU Women's Basketball using the 40-150mm with exposures of 1/320th to 1/500, mostly at iso 800. Sometimes I used the burst mode of the E-PL5. The lighting inside the gym was actually much brighter than I had expected. For high school gyms, the iso would probably have to be two or three stops higher.

You were lucky with the light allowing 1/400s, ISO800 and F4.0. It's closer to outdoor light than to typical school gym light.
I was shooting indoor basketball with E-P3 before OM-D became available and I had to use F1.8-F2.0, 1/640s and underexpose at ISO3200, 4 stop less light.

ISO3200 isn't where last year Pens shine. I can see how much easier it should be with E-M5/E-PL5, but I didn't have a chance to try because my children don't play this year.

See more shots from old thread here:




For outdoor soccer I used Oly 40-150mm and Pana 45-200mm. IMO Oly is a bit easier to work with, but extra 50mm reach at the long end sometimes helps. I started shooting sport with E-P3 as a volunteer photographer for my younger son's soccer team.




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