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Re: RX100 Flash comp

For normal flash (not bounced), my default flash compensation setting is -1.0.  That is in combination with a standard EV setting of -1/3.

Most of my errors as a digital photographer have been over exposure and blown out spots that cannot be recovered in post processing even if shot in raw.  Then, you have to resort to cropping to eliminate hot spots.  That is why I keep the histogram from touching the right edge much at all, if possible.

Depending on the subject distance and ambient light and color of subject, I have shot with the RX-100 at flash compensation from -2.0 (close subject) to +2.0 (especially if bouncing flash off higher ceiling).  Same for EV compensation.  If I have the time, I will shoot the same shot 10+ times to get the right combination of EV compensation and flash compensation for a very important shot. Not practical if family or friends are with you (unless they are all photographers)!

I also use the center button set for exposure lock, but I don't necessarily lock exposure on the subject if the background will blow out.  Instead, I might lock it part way between the subject and the brightest area of the image.

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