Canon's V2 killer coming?

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Jared Huntr wrote:

Marti58 wrote:

to marketing bla bla .......i use a camera that i carefully choose for a reason till it breaks, i enjoy what i have and so far it alway's worked for me i used my D1X for about 9 years and it alway did the job same counts for my D300's D700 and several other body's.

i even shoot film every now and then for different reasons.

The replacement cycle tends to be shorter for non-dSLRs. I believe the "entrance fee" to camera ownership in part determines loyalty. If a V1/J1 owner bought theirs cheap, they have less invested and would more likely switch if Canon came out with something compelling that better fit their needs.

i bought the J1 and V1 for several reasons and they will serve me well for years like my other camera's, when i bought them i was well aware what they where and what not, i dont see a reason why i should replace them by lets say the J2 or V2, they serve my intended use very well.

replacement cycles are short because sometimes people believe they need the latest to make excellent good images or whatever we call it.

if you need to switch to another camera in lets say less then a year i think then you made a mistake when you bought it.

of course this is my personal opinion and nothing else

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