NEX 6 fails video test from Sonyrumors

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Re: NEX 6 fails video test from Sonyrumors

Johnish wrote:

I agree it makes a great B-cam. Just the other day I inter-cut NEX 5n footage with footage from my Sony EX1 and in the resultant DVD the results are more than acceptable. It might well not be broadcast quality but the intended audience will probably be more than happy.

For certain situations, shallow DoF being one such situation as you point out - I agree; the NEX 5n does a good enough job when it comes to video. For still photography I can not say enough good things about the little machine.

I would expect no less from the NEX 6.

A great little tool for interviews, where using a video camera for wides, and the NEX for close ups with nice DOF from a different angle gives you a good two camera setup. Use the video cam for audio, and sync in post is easy. Always easier to edit a talking head with extra angles to cut between.

Another good thing with video - some of those legacy lenses that are a little bit less than completely sharp at full 16 or 24 Mp, might still be sharp enough for 2 MP video; plus you can set your focus peaking to high, as you have a bit more margin for error.

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