OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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Re: Um, Charles?

Great Bustard wrote: I would be pleased to be mistaken on that point, however.

presently I do not have any complains, therefore there is no reason for me to quarel with you.

but for absolution of sins I need to read you still some weeks more

best regards


p.s.: since I am not jesus, I am not free of sins and at all I am somehow prestressed.

If I read that a 5.6/200-500mm FF lens is compared to my 2.8/90-250 - which is not so wrong in a battlefree environment, here I am thinking in this connex of a 5.6/18-55mm L and get problems in my stomache

today I shot with E-M5 and 2.8/90-250 & ec-14 at 350mm f/4 an owl from 3 m distance. and, my bloody tiny sensor toy cam with this inherit huge disadvantage in DOF not being shallow as FF, made a pic, where all fine micro hairs of a feather could be seen in 400% magnification. but this feather was the only thing to be sharp. everything else was out of the 2 mm DOF ...

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