Can someone help me?......24-105L F4 issues

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Can someone help me?......24-105L F4 issues


I am pretty much at wits end. I am trying to find out if the corners with this lens shot wide open at F4 at 105mm are really as bad as what I am getting.

First let me explain. I have had this lens from the day it came out 7 or 8 years ago. I used it with the 1D Mark IIn and then the 1D Mark III. I decided to upgrade to the 1DX.

I figured it would be a good time to get the lens refurbished by Canon because it was a bit "used" looking...rubber zoom ring loose "L" ring long gone....zoom creep when pointing the lens very quick. The lens itself the picture quality was superb......never an issue since the day I owned it.

Canon charged me 408.00 to refurb the lens and it came back looking like new. I tried it ion my just received 1DX (September) and the center sharpness was great but the corners were completely unuseable.

Bottom line is I have sent the lens AND camera body to be calibrated together with still unsatisfactory results. I tested the 1DX with the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS version 2 and it was sharp corner to corner even wide open at 2.8 so I knew it was not the camera.

I sent the lens in again after a discussion with the technician. I got it back and they indicate they relaced just about everything including two sets of glass elements. The problem was I needed +20 on microadjustment for tele and 0 for wideangle and the upper left and right quadrants were still EXTREMELY soft.

The technician agreed that was too big a variance. Once again I sent the lens in again and just received it back. The micro adjustment now is a much more reasonable +7 for tele and +5 for wide angle.

However as before the top left and right quadrants are very soft and extend too far into the frame.

I am aware my previous cameras had a 1.26 crop factor and soft corners will show up less than on the full frame 1DX but what I am getting after the refurbish is just not acceptable.

I even tried stopping the lens down to f11 at 105mm and the top left and right quadrants still never get sharp.

Has anyone ever tested or have pictures of how their 24-105mm F4 performs wide open on a full frame camera in the corners?

Any examples would be most appreciative and would at least give me something to compare my poor reults with.

Please note I pinned up fine print newspapers on a flat wall used a tripod and cable release everytime I tested it and the results were always the same. Top left quadrant very soft and unuseable... right top quadrant not quite as bad but still unuseable. The bottom left and right quadrants are somewhat equally soft but what I would consider acceptable for wide open on the lens.

Any pictures of your own 24-105 corners in addition to advise or comments are welcome!

Bottom line is camera body with lens has been back twice TOGETHER and lens has gone back and additional time with still unacceptable results.

Thanks for your help! Bruce

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