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Re: RX100 Memory recall

A few other points about memory recall:

There are many more items that can be stored in memory than it may first appear.  If you go to the memory line or the memory recall line on screen 5 of the menu, there are actual four screens (well 3.5) to view using the down arrow.  This will give you a complete list of all settings that can be stored in memory for each of the 3 memory choices (1, 2 or 3). The last four choices are memory items for video mode.

Some on this forum have stated that memory recall also stores focal length and even the focus setting.  This is false.  The camera, if turned off, remembers the focal length and focus setting immediately before the camera was turned off.  That is a totally different feature than the memory recall.  Try setting different focal lengths and focus settings for memory 1, 2 and 3.  Then switch between memory recall 1, 2 and 3 and the focal length and focus will not change.  That is proof.  Also, review the 3.5 pages referred to above.  None include focal length or focus data as stored settings.

For what its worth, I have my camera memory settings configured for hand-held shooting (single shots, not bursts).  One in P mode (no flash, 2 second shutter delay) for subjects beyond normal flash range. One in aperture mode with fill flash and 2 second delay.  The third MR item is shutter priority with rear-sync flash for critical moment shooting (no 2-second delay).  I set the shutter speed for MR3 at 1/250 for starters, assuming adequate light with flash.

For each of the above, I vary both the minimum and maximum ISO range depending on lighting conditions (factoring in the light from the flash, if applicable).  Raising the minimum ISO above the base of 125 allows you to shoot more at other than wide open (f 1.8) with the semiautomatic modes A & S, so the lens is operating at sharper middle apertures (f 5.6 or f 8.0).  In P mode, I often use flexible P mode to select the shutter / aperture combination.

I use the 2-second delay because most of my photography overs the years has neen with a Nikon F5 and better lenses.  The weight of the camera and lens tends to prevent much camera movement during shutter release (including vibration from the mirror, etc.).  With the feather-light RX-100, camera movement at shutter release can be a problem at shutter speeds slower than 1/250 or so (depending on your hand-held technique).  After much experimenting, I can always shoot a sharper image with the 2-second delay feature at slower shutter.  Try it yourself to see where the 2 second delay will provide sharper images with your technique.

Hope this helps,


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