CF cards Lexar vs. Sandisk

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Re: CF cards Lexar vs. Sandisk

Dale Garman wrote:

Is there a reliability difference between these two CF card mfg. I'm looking at Amazon for SanDisk Extreme Pro UDMA7 vs. Lexar Professional UDMA 7. The Sandisk seems to be signficantly more expensive 16gb Sandisk costs as much as 32 gb Lexar 800x (rated slighly higher for trf speed). Normally that kind of difference tells me I'm missing something because there is rarely a free lunch.

  1. Sandisk doesn't manufacture memory or cards, they only design them and then farm it out. Last I heard, Toshiba had the contract (early Jan 2012).
  2. Lexar is the photo memory arm of Micron, a US memory chip manufacturer. So you'd assume that they make their own cards. Most of the time yes.
  3. Does your camera support all the new speeds? SD cards are creeping up the food chain and are being used in more and more expensive cameras.
  4. I'm a cheapskate, I usually buy Transcend, fast ones and only on sale from (I live in the Great White North) which are original cards, not fakes, and a very good return policy.
  5. When deciding, don't just look at the speed, go to the manufacturer's website and check what is the "READ speed" and the "WRITE speed". It's often different and that also explains the price differences.
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