Fixing focus spot/diamond on OM-D

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Re: the manual is FUBARed...

mring1 wrote:

BTW...there's a huge list of "how to do it" hints from a collection of posters. If you do a search under "E-M5 instructions" you'll find a host of great cheat sheets. The first one, done by Richard Butler and Timor Born for DPReview is one of the best. It's located on the right side of the page.

Thank you very much!  I will make that change RTA)

Also for the reference.  I basically find the manuals almost unreadable.  Ironically, I used to teach - and sometimes do - technical writing, and do understand how difficult it is to do well, especially with a device as complicated as the OM-D, which is almost TOO configurable.  Cheat sheets are much needed, and their authors are rendering a real service.

(I blame the writers less than the design engineers and project managers, who somehow seem to have failed to really analyze the relative importance of many of the options, and to effectively prune them down into an effective command hierarchy.  I really find it hard to believe that there are enough needs quicklly move the focus buttons quickly, especially to the extreme corners to justify activating it at the touch of a finger,,,or the brush of a glove.

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