Aperture3: "internal" import function broken

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Alpha Doug wrote:

So now that you are back up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with running Aperture in 10.8 Mountain Lion. As a matter of fact, there have been some significant and really nice upgrades to Aperture since 3.2. And it has gotten faster. 10.8 is also a very stable operating system.

Thank you, Doug.  I had thought the same thing, so I went over the he App Store (where I have a nice balance in my iTunes account), and tried to purchase Mountain Lion.  (I already have downloaded the .dmg file for the latest version of Aperture.

Unfortunately, when I attempted to purchase, I was presented with two security questions that I never had seen before.  Apparently, I was among the 75% referred to in this article:  Security questions are not presented to all users setting up AppleIDs  Here is the relevant part:

> "Apple appears to be rolling out the security questions in stages, as not everyone reports getting asked to set up their questions. Internally, only a quarter of The Mac Observer’s staff available for testing inside TMO Towers on Friday afternoon encountered the questions."

Because I do not -- and cannot -- know what Apple has entered in its database for the answers to the security questions that I had never encountered before last evening, I cannot purchase Mountain Lion using my iTunes account, and its dollar balance is effectively locked, effectively confiscated, in fact.  Apple Support has been much less than helpful to resolve the problem.

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