buy a wedding lens for sony a57

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Re: Seriously...

well those are sharp even if a little low on contrast for a lens that is described as magic handshake.

I´m affraid of having f2.8 zooms and having to use them at f4 for a little more DOF as i find that f2.8 on my m4/3 for people shots sometimes is not enough and have to use f3.5 when there are more than 1 person in a photo... so a sigma 17-70 f2.8-4 would be great ?

I don´t think it will be a sharp lens wide open at 70mm and f4... CZ16-80 I could by used but its still 500 euros but probably will be a good allround... thinking about beercan 70-210 f4 too or minolta 70-210 3.5-4.5 since its much lighter.

does anyone used the 28-135 on aps-c for weddings? did you find it restricting? do sony a57 AF points are more ssensitive/precise too with f2.8 lenses like canon and nikon dslr?

By the way im doint tests with sony a57 face detection and i'm much haappier because it always focus on the closer eye but i need to posiiton the face at an autofocus point.

Image stabilization looks at most as good as my olympus e-p1 but definitely not better, so a sigma 17-50 OS or a sigma 17-70 OS might come  in handy too.

between sony/minolta 24-105 f3.5-4.5, sigma 24-135 2.8-4.5 or minolta 28-135 f4-4.5 and sigma 17-70 2.8-4 OS HSM which would you choose?

IM thinking about buying 50mm f1.8 DT SAM lens but I look in flickr and couldn´t find shots with enough background blur and the sigma 50mm f1.4 is quite expensive for a prime...

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