Fujifilm X100 Black Special Edition Refurbished - Broken on arrival!

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Bebrox Contributing Member • Posts: 612
I wonder if the battery cooked the camera...

I am worried that the supplied NP-95 battery may have been faulty.

I left the camera alone in one of my rooms in the house that we don't heat. After about 2hrs I went back to the camera to see if it would power up and found to my surprise that the whole body of the camera was warmish to touch. I showed my wife the camera and she confirmed that the camera was warm.

I quickly removed the battery and am now thinking that it may have cooked the camera. I measured the voltage on a meter and found it was pumping out 6 volts, it should be 3.6v. The battery looked new when I took it out of the X100 presentation box.

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