16MP v 24MP sensors

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Re: Ignore pixels, worry about whole images

sjgcit wrote:

There's nothing in your post to say what you're thinking beyond the effects of pixels.

The whole image is made of pixels. One cannot negate them. Indeed, often one needs to look at the arrangement they make on a macroscopic level, but the overall aesthetic is fundamentally derived from the medium on which it is created.

I think the very fact you ask your question shows you are falling into the trap ( as I think of it ) of turning from image centric to pixel centric.

My point is that people obsess too much these days about pixels. Forget them. Concentrate on the image as a whole.

Mate ... you're in the wrong forum.

You really have to shooting on the very edge of the technical limits of cameras and lenses to need to worry about anything else.

Yup. That's me. I live on the edge, and I push my files to the limit....

Now ... back to banding, colour noise, and other vital topics so my creativity isn't going to be stifled by annoying technical issues .....

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