My A100 sounds like a Geiger Counter

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Re: My A100 sounds like a Geiger Counter

JusLookN wrote:

I haven't used mine in a while. But you guys have to remember the eye start auto focus also. I know he said it always ticks. But if something passes the eye start sensor it's also going to make a noise. But the beautiful pictures that comes from that CCD sensor are just gorgeous. That's why I haven't parted with mine yet! I'm a nostalgic sort of guy also. I'll probably end up donating it to a photography class at a school!

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I'm kinda partial to video, but I'm hangin!

Good point, but I did also remember eye-start AF and included a test of that of my A100 for the OP and included what I observed above.

Just to re-cap - the OP says he has no lens attached, and without any lens attached and eye-start AF turned on, then triggering the eye-start from the eye proximity sensors on my A100 did not cause any noise.

With a mechanical-AF lens attached and eye-start on, there is obviously the noise of the screw-drive and focussing motor when the eye-start sensor is activated.

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Mark W.

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