Minolta and Zeiss 85 1.4

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Minolta 85 1.4 studio capabilities

Wow. I went through all these same pros & cons when deciding which 85mm lens to purchase for my a700. I ended up going with the original Minolta 85/1.4, mainly because of the price I could get it for: half of what the CZ version costs.

After using it for awhile I find your talking points to be very accurate. The Minolta for me was too soft and grainy for wide aperture available light shots, although with very pleasing colors as you mentioned. Then I tried it in the studio with higher apertures f8-f11 and wow! A lot of bang for the buck. Here are two of my best studio shots with the lens:



For this reason alone I am keeping the lens. I'll use my shorter, smoother Sony prime lenses for the wider aperture shots.

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