Is there any P&S as good as XZ-1 for $200?

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is there any P&S as good as XZ-1 for $200?

As good of a P&S for $200 new?  No.  The XZ-1 is quite an awesome P&S for the price.  Canon did recently sell the S95 refurbished for $178.  Can you find better cameras for $200?  Yes, but they aren't P&S.  Many mirrorless cameras sell in the $200 range now.  You can get a refurbed E-PM1 for $240 right now.  Is the E-PM1 a better camera than the XZ-1?  IMO, yes.  I find the XZ-1 to be a good camera, just not good enough.  It has the same issues as the LX5.  Not small enough to really fit in a pocket.  Not good enough IQ to justify it's size.  If it was smaller, it would be a keeper.  If it had IQ that matched a mirrorless, it would be a keeper.  It has neither.  That's why I'm returning mine.  $200 spent on it puts me $200 further away from the RX100 which passes both those tests.

If you do get a XZ-1, definitely shoot in raw.  The JPEG smearing is quite obvious.  It''s also clear why the NR is on all the time to smear it.  Even at base ISO, the XZ-1 is noisy.

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